Revive Bath Set

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This revive set is perfect addition to your daily bath care routine for healthy, smooth & radiant-looking skin. Each product can be included into any routine or used as a complete regimen for smooth, radiant-looking skin. This can also make a perfect gift for any occasion.


Face and body polishing has numerous benefits for your skin. If there's one sweet thing you shouldn't give up, it's the sugar in your face and body scrub! Sugar is a naturally gentle abrasive which helps to remove dead skin from your face, lips and body to restore and refresh tired, clogged pores. There's nothing more luxurious than scooping out a handful of a fresh, citrus smelling sugar scrub.

Why should we exfoliate?
Our daily way of living can impact our skin, causing dryness, bumps and spots on the skin's surface, and a sebum build-up. Overexposure to environmental stressors like wind and sunlight can often cause further damage, leading to flaky skin. It's essential to give your skin a helping hand to keep it unclogged and clarified by regularly exfoliating. Natural abrasive sugar granules can help remove dry, flaky skin cells and brighten tired, dull-looking skin to promote smooth, healthy and flawless skin.
Benefits of Sugar Scrub
Sugar makes an amazing abrasive ingredient in scrubs. It's a natural humectant, which means it retains moisture and ensures skin is kept hydrated, making it ideal for delicate and sensitive skin, especially because it melts away upon contact with water. Combined with nourishing oils & rich butters, sugar scrubs can be used before or during bathing for a thorough exfoliating treatment that leaves skin smooth, soft and supple. You might even find that your skin care products work more effectively on exfoliated skin, as pores are unclogged and able to retain more moisture. Getting rid of dry, dead skin cells helps to reveal smoother skin.
How to use to get glowing skin
Our all natural scrub is safe to use on face, body and lips. It's pretty easy task to add to your skin care routine. Before applying the scrub to your body, soften your skin with warm to hot water beforehand. This will get your skin ready for exfoliation. Just scoop a bit of the product out of the jar, apply light pressure onto the skin in a circular motion, and then rinse off.

What's in the scrub
White Cane Sugar, Avocado Oil, Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Grapefruit, Orange, Lime Essential Oils, Germall Plus, & Dried Calendual Flowers.



Solid lotion bar might be a new concept but once you try it, you will be here to stay forever.
What is a Lotion Bar?
A lotion bar is a solid lotion. It resembles a bar of soap, but acts like a lotion. The bar will stay solid when kept at room temperature or lower. It can be used anywhere on the body. When applied to skin, body heat will slightly melt the bar.
Why is a Lotion Bar Better?
1. No plastic bottle/ Environmental Footprint
Because the lotion is solid, there is no need to package lotion in a plastic bottle. Also with natural ingredients, the process for creating a lotion bar is low impact. Yay for Planet Earth.

2. Use in the shower/ Efficiency of Application and Increased Moisturizing
The best time to apply moisturizer is when your pores are open, either in the shower/bath, or just out of the shower/bath. This allows the lotion to deeply penetrate skin as well as seal and protect skin throughout the day.

3. Purity/No Fillers
Lotion bars have a reputation for being a health-conscious choice because they are free from the potentially hazardous chemicals found in commercial lotion products, such as phthalates, parabens, formaldehyde, para-aminobenzoic acid (PABA), ethanolamines and petroleum.
How to Use a Lotion Bar
Using a lotion bar is easy; just take the lotion bar into hands and warm it with body heat, this will melt a small portion of the bar. One then can either rub the lotion onto the body part that needs moisturizing, or get enough in hands to put lotion bar down and use hands to cover skin. Lotion bars are especially effective in the shower, or right out of the shower when pores are open.
How long will a Lotion Bar last?
One Lotion Bar will last approximately eight to ten uses depending on how vigorously you rub and for how long. Please keep in well drained soap dish and use care when stepping out of shower or tub … may leave surface area slippery.


Ingredients: Avocado Oil, Coconut Oil, Mango Butter, Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter, Beeswax, Essential oils, Natural mica.